‘Dear Mark and Martin, Thank you so much to you and your whole team for doing such a fantastic job at The Lanesborough last night. The hotel was totally transformed, and everyone felt the magic you put into it from the lighting, the suitcases filled with flowers, the slick bars. The "journey" aspect really worked, with the explorer sending them off to discover the hotel with the treasure hunt, which brilliantly engaged everyone and gave it such a great sense of fun! I could go on and on listing all the things you did so cleverly, and you did an amazing job of bringing the whole hotel to life. I'm slightly worried guests will now return to the hotel and be let down by how it normally is! It was great working with you, and thank you for abiding by the hotel's strict load in/out rules, which were tedious but necessary to make as little disturbance as possible, and please thank all the crews for managing this so efficiently. Huge thanks again.’ - Charlotte Aitken, Co-founder, Albion Parties