‘Walking onto the la clé Hamburg event this Thursday, I realized what most brands are missing out when brand meets art meets design: Meaningfulness. Why? A real brand is multi faceted and deep enough to give space to artistic interpretation, creating universes of synesthesia, speaking to multiple senses and creating imaginations without being blunt. This is what I felt walking in. The third la clé event in Hamburg presented this one-of-a-kind global luxury brand in another completely yet unseen form and way. In combination with the event space, overviewing the Hamburg harbor, with smaller and larger vessels scurrying by the panorama windows, it became another unique expression of la clé’s brand world, making it possible for every attending guest to dive into the depth of the la clé universe from a totally different angle. What enables such an experience? First of all, one’s brand has to be comprehensive enough, shallowness is the foe of experience (most brands already fail here). Secondly, the artists and designers working on transporting brand into event into experience have to understand one’s brand universe, the vision and philosophy behind it, the founder’s thoughts. la clé is lucky enough that the world famous Mark Lawson Bell from Plinth ( ensuring a rich and varied journey, unfolding more and more from event to event. What blessing for each and every discoverer of the secret chambers of the la clé world. I am truly happy. And inspired.’ — Fabian Keller, CEO, Swiss Cosmeceuticals AG